SWIFT Programming Preview : 5/24-5/29

getting our week started with an alternating EMOM with heavy swings and presses for strength work to get you moving. Our workout will be an interval piece with your jump rope and some pushing work.

after shorter intervals on Monday, we will be diving into a longer workout for your Tuesday. This will be a piece full of cardio work with squats and sit ups sandwiched in the middle for a great prep day for your Memorial Day workout.

starting our day with more accessory work, this time working on an isometric hold and banded strength work. Your workout piece will be a couplet with the bike and a DB movement. You will work through the same total number of reps twice with two different breakdowns of the repetitions.

back to interval work today, this time with shorter AMRAPs and shorter rest between them. You will alternate between two different couplets through the intervals today.

beginning our day with accessory work for shoulder and core stability before diving into our final workout of the work week. This will be a longer AMRAP with shorter cardio work and a pair of pushing movements.

closing the week out with a partner workout where you will share the work load as you move through 100 reps of 4 different movements for a fun and sweaty close to the week.