SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 1/18-1/23

Pressing, core, and running in short manageable chunks for the start of the week! It’s five times through though, so be sure to keep your breathing as controlled as possible and enjoy the workout!

There are a lot of reps for today, but each round they go down. Break things up right from the start and set mental landmarks to make your way through this one. Two compound movements that will challenge your legs and your lockout- consult your coaches to help you tackle this challenging Tuesday workout!

A 20 minute Amrap with 4 movements to get the blood flowing mid-week. Today is a great day to keep things simple and light and get a good sweat on.

A lot of biking today! The rep scheme may be intimidating but treat this as a longer bike workout and focus on your breathing and you will do great. Don’t be afraid to adjust the calories as needed for your body, your coaches can help get you to the perfect number for you.

Time based intervals with some jump rope, pulling, and core to close out the week!

A partner workout for the weekend with everyone’s favorite movement! Both partners will be working today and getting in a great workout to start the weekend off right.