SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 2/15-2/20

Pulling and pressing will help prepare for the workout today. Hang on for six rounds of some grip and core intensive movements. Just remember- one round at a time!

An increasing number of lunges for today as the bike distance stays the same. Load up your slam balls and have some fun! Be sure to use those arms on the bike as well, your legs will appreciate the help!

Four movements for a 15 minute Amrap today. Today is a great day to adjust the movements to your appropriate skill level and get a good workout in. This is particularly true of the pushups and the box walk arounds.

1 minute intervals, 4 movements and rest. A tried and true format that will test your core and more. Enjoy that minute of rest and get after it!

A solid 20 minute Amrap for Friday and a twist on the class push/pull combo. Hold on to those dumbbells as long as you can!

A nice partner workout for Saturday. Two times through this classic bodybuilding inspired, Swiftified, Saturday chipper!