SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 2/22-2/27

We’ve got a date with a pair of Dumbbells and a couple triplets to start out our week! We’ll start a little slower and speed things up as the date goes on, finishing our night off with some core work to take us out the door.

We’re going to get into our legs with a few types of lunges and some core work to make us focus on stability. We’ll get to rest once we finish our movements and then do them again in reverse! Tempo accessory work is on the menu to round out the day.

Today, we’ll be chipping away at some cardio, shoulder press and deadlifts!

Partner day! If you’re looking to have a workout that has a little more rest than an individual day, this will be great for you! Lots of reps, and you get to rest, while your partner works!

A simple AMRAP couplet will take us into the weekend. Followed by some hip strength and stability work.

Our Saturday is going to test us to see how many reps we can do in a minute and then again on how consistent we can stay across three rounds! We’ll have a good group cool down to finish things out and help us recover properly.