SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 2/8-2/13

Four rounds looking for some smooth consistent movement. Round 1 and Round 4 should look as similar as possible. Pick weights and scales appropriately with this in mind to get the most out of Monday’s workout!

Cardio and core- two pillars of fitness and good health. You can pick where you want to put on the gas and where you want to take it a bit easier on the cardio pieces, but there is no escaping core strength and stability! Rest as needed and have some fun with this one.

With proper rest and nutrition, your legs are going to grow stronger after today. Core and hip flexor accessory work will prepare you a very squat intensive, yet varied mid-week Swift workout.

Pushups, core, and more for this Thursday workout. Give your legs a break and feel free to experiment with some different jump rope movements today as you try to stay consistent two pieces of the on the minute style fitness.

The Swift Chipper has long been a favorite for many, and Friday’s workout follows in that tradition. Chippers, however, don’t all have to take 30 minutes…

It’s Saturday, and we’re going to partner up for some rowing and core work. The coaches are going to give you plenty of options for the core movements today, so have fun and pick something that fits you best!