SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 3/1-3/6

Lots of quick rounds today in order to keep us moving at a quick pace! Small sets are already programmed, so push it on the weight today!

We’ve got a long EMOM continuing into our week. Pushing, pulling and stepping up and over will get us through the day! Finishing with a TABATA of Russian Twists =D

We’ve got two rounds split up by a short rest period to make sure we hit the next round just as hard as the first! Cardio, Core and Deadlifts! We will do some squats for that hump day rump pump before leaving!

Grab your partner and make them work while you rest! 10 Rounds as a team, as you and your partner alternate rounds of burpees, jump squats and Ground to overhead!

A great day to try some different kinds of lunges and also work on our double unders. We’ve got two parts today, but no rest this time around! Grind through and then we’ll take a trip to the arm farm for accessory work!

Long chipper today, getting familiar with a slam ball and our box! Work hard and you’ll get to your rest faster! We will cool down together to finish out our week!