SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 3/15-3/20

starting the week off with a long AMRAP full of cardio and a bit of dumbbell work. There will be rest thrown in as well to help you keep your intensity up throughout.

starting today with accessory work for some shoulder and core stability as well as single leg posterior work to prime us for the rest of the day. Our workout will be an ascending ladder of bodyweight and lightweight movements.

getting into a long two round workout today with a longer cardio piece paired with a few bodyweight movements. Be ready for a longer sweat session today!

working through 1:00 intervals today for max reps – working through jump roping, core work and a few slam ball movements! 

getting the day going with single side pulling and pressing work before diving into more interval work to close out the week. You will be working through some running paired with bodyweight movements where your reward for going fast will be more rest until the next interval begins.

closing the week out with a partner workout full of squats, burpees, and more for a fun way to close out our week!