SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 3/7-3/13

Starting the week off with some accessory work for the hips and shoulders, followed by a 15 minute EMOM. 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest mean that you are in control of the difficulty of this workout.

Two pieces, both 12 minutes long. One, a bike and bodyweight triplet that will test your ability to keep moving, and two, a combination of core movements that will help round out Monday’s accessory work and develop core strength and stability.

Pretty simple workout today, DB snatches and jump rope, every 2:00 minutes, for ten rounds. Picking the right weight and jump rope scale is key here to make it through this one!

Last day of accessory work for the week and we are revisiting pushups to continue to develop strength and skill there. Burpees along with some other movements for the workout. The repetitions are low to help build confidence and prove that you are capable of crushing burpees! 

Wall balls are so much fun…Let’s do some running, some situps, and some tosses just to make sure! This is going to be a longer workout today, so keep control of your breathing and keep moving!

Minute long work periods, a variety of exercises, mandatory rest, it just doesn’t get any better for a Saturday swift class!