SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 4/12-4/17

getting the week kicked off with a bang with a fun descending ladder workout full of cardio and bodyweight work to keep you moving fast.

working through some interval work today, getting after some rowing and no push up burpees. It will be important today to adjust reps to ensure that you get rest each round to get the full intent of the workout.

getting into accessory work to start our Wednesday this week with a focus on shoulder stability and hip mobility. Your workout will a spicy couplet combining a dumbbell movement with a squat/lunge combo in an ascending ladder.

working through ALL of the core things today! First in our accessory work with a series of plank holds and then in a series of one minute intervals to get the heart rate up.

closing the work week out with a partner workout full of running and slam ball action!

getting into a longer AMRAP for your weekend fitness, this time working through some spicy shoulder stability work paired with a KB and some cardio.