SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 4/26-5/1

getting our week started with a bit of posterior chain and midline prep for the day ahead. Your workout will be a spicy little lower body triplet full of squats, lunges, and burpees.

getting into a lot of bodyweight and lightweight DB work today in a series of TABATA pieces for fast and high intensity efforts. Today will focus more on the core and pressing work after Monday’s lower body smashing.

working into a longer AMRAP today with a partner for your mid week work.

getting our Thursday started with skill work before diving into your main piece today. That bit of work will be a bit of running intervals paired with some max effort work on your squat.

diving into another longer workout today, this time flying solo. You will start and end with a cardio effort with DB work in the middle.

mixing things up today with a fun series of AMRAPs, starting with a shorter piece with low reps and increasing reps and length of time as the workout progresses.