Thank you everyone! for your support this weekend

Congrats to Jared, Moises, Anna, and Peter for putting on such an amazing show. Anna- led the way with an amazing 6th place finish in a very stacked women’s field. Anna was by far the youngest competitor, but she had the biggest heart. She showed tremendous fight and has a very amazing future ahead of her. Moises- led the way for the men with a marvelous 12th place finish and a very gritty showing in the semi-finals with a strained knee. He also finished 5th place in WOD #1. Coach Jared- finished in 18th place, with a very impressive 4th place finish in the 5k WOD and completing 30 OHS unbroken at 135#. Peter-finished in 21st place with a heart filled all out effort given in his last workout trying to reach the 20th position. For all results please visit,

TODAY’s Workout:

Strength- Power Snatch 3×2 WOD- 3 rds 12 Front squat 135/95 20 pull ups Post- Glute Ham Raises partner holds back of legs 4×6]]>

14 thoughts on “Thank you everyone! for your support this weekend”

  1. Today’s post looked rather lonely so I am making a comment. Congratulations to Moises, Anna, Jared, and Peter on the amazing performances this weekend. While the rest of us were taking a CF break this weekend, you were all proving your CF skills. Nicely done!
    Will be at the 6:30 tonight to get back in the CF groove. Hope to see some of my regular evening folks there!

  2. Look out for the post workout… will literally kick you in the butt, and the hamstrings….
    Decided today NOT to get discouraged by how much I can’t do, but look at where I’m at and where I want to be in a month or two. Great job on the weekend, you three, very inspirational for me!

    1. Thanks so much for the turkey! I’m so excited about it. I really love turkey, so this is like Christmas in January!
      Getting a turkey made me feel much better about what felt like one of the worst workouts I’ve had in a while… think I overdid it a little too much working on pullups and overhead squats yesterday, so I just didn’t have any steam tonight. Not sure what my final time was, but I scaled everything so much that it didn’t really feel like it counted anyway. Nonetheless, I’m ready to get some rest and get right back in there later this week.
      Artie, thanks again for sharing with everyone! You made my night.

  3. Finished at 7:37. 135# on FS and scaled to 12 pull-ups.
    Fun, workout.
    Great work to everyone at this weekend’s competition. It’s cool to be surrounded by such talent!

  4. Hey guys,
    Just wanted to thank you again for helping me out with my WOD (and letting me stick around for yours) on Friday. Hope you guys had a blast this weekend.

  5. I did all 60 pull ups with NO BANDS!!!!!!
    My time was 10 something but I’m cool w that… It felt really good not to use the bands!!

  6. Got up to 63# on power snatch.
    I did the front squats at 73# and used the red band for pullups to get a time of 8:15.

  7. Intro_Power Snatch 63#; attempted 83#, but it was too much.
    WOD_ FS 83#; pullups with red band. 8:52
    The first round was more tough with the front squat than the last round- not sure how that happened.

  8. WOD 8:24
    I coasted…walked from one place to the other, and was really in no hurry. Should have done better. I did end up doing butterfly pull ups today, which was interesting

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