The Countdown to Opening Day Continues..

For Time 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Overhead Squats Push Press 95/65   POST: Backwards Jump Roping 2×100]]>

10 thoughts on “The Countdown to Opening Day Continues..”

  1. At first glance I thought the OHS was 95# and the PP was 65#, but now I’m pretty sure the 65# is the rx’d weight for girls and the same weight is used for both exercises.

    1. You are correct Jared. The Rx’ed weight for women is 65# and 95# for men. Use that weight for both movements throughout the workout.

  2. Randomly decided to jump in this workout with Martin this morning. Definitely a shoulder blower. Had to set the bar down more than what I would have liked but couldn’t help it.
    Used one of the new bars and quickly learned that brand new bars need to be wiped down before an intense technical wod as my hands became greasy and slipped while in the overhead position.
    Time: 10:06
    Good monday morning wake up call though for sure!

    1. great job Jared C. Thanks for posting the video, feel free to join us as soon as you get back from your trip. We are very excited to bring CrossFit to downtown Indy!

      1. I’m excited for you guys. Yeah, not having a trainer and working out by myself has taught me that in order to continue learning it’s good to record a WOD every once in a while to check form, rom, etc. Plus, I just joined “beyond the white board” today, and they have a place to keep your video records.

  3. Time – 8:25
    I used a 35lb bar for the workout and had to set it down after the round of 6’s and 3’s. I had a little trouble keeping my balance on the overhead squats but the push presses felt good. I need to work on my snatch technique.

  4. 15:15
    Used the 95lbs. Still my ROM needs work, but this workout took a lot more out of me than expected. Part of me was nervous with the bar above my head as well.

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