The Deets – The Level Method

“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #38

The Time Is Now!!!

The moment we have all been waiting for…. Myriad Fitness is officially rolling out the Level Method  in CrossFit classes starting July 8th!  

The Level Method provides clear, tangible metrics to track the development of your fitness. It does this by using a collection of 15 assessments that cover a broad range of physical skills. These assessments are broken down into a series of 32 levels laid out across the MAP (Method for Athletic Progression).

The MAP serves as a roadmap for improving your fitness – aka “Leveling Up” – by making it easy to see the corresponding next step in your fitness journey. It also provides safety measures that help to prevent injury by showing you incremental and objective goals for progression. Want to get your first muscle up? Find out where you land on the “Rings” testing category, and you can progress, one step after another, one level at a time, all the way to your goal.

The Level Method transition begins with an assessment period to establish your current level of fitness, making this the perfect time for you to gauge your strengths and weaknesses. Myriad’s entire CrossFit program will begin these assessments starting July 8th, making it the best time for you to try it out and check in with your personal fitness progress!

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Questions about The Level Method during this episode:

  • What is the MAP? (Method for Athletic Progression)
  • What will a class look like during the assessments?
  • What will a class look like after the assessments?
  • Do I need to download a new App? (YES is the answer)
  • Why is this such a big deal?