The Level Method

“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #37

Myriad is bringing some exciting changes to our CrossFit program starting this July!

After many years of programming in-house, we are adopting a new program that is designed to make every workout more personalized and allow each and every athlete to work on their individual strengths and weaknesses called the  Level Method 

You can think of the Level Method as a GPS for your fitness. You will go through initial assessments to establish a current level of fitness, address your weaknesses by building a plan for where you want to go, and then watch yourself make progress towards your goals! Gone are the days of a single workout written on the board for you and your coach to decide how you need to adjust for your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. The Level Method will allow you to choose one of [7] different workout variations based on your level in each assessment category. Here’s a sneak peek.

Myriad’s entire CrossFit program will begin these assessments starting July 8th, making it the best time for you to try it out and check in with your personal fitness progress!

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Questions about The Level Method during this episode:

  • What is gym programming?
  • What is the history of our CrossFit programming here at Myriad?
  • What is The Level Method?
  • What does this mean for me as a CrossFit member?
  • What should we expect to see?