The Myriad Murals – Part 2

“For Time” with Myriad – Episode #34

The Stutz Building has a long history of being home to movers, shakers, artists, and creatives. Myriad wanted to continue that tradition with an open call out to our members to scratch their creative itch with the Myriad Murals. The walls at Myriad are covered with unique pieces from the inaugural Butter Art Fair which was originally hosted in our Myriad Fitness building in 2021.

We were very fortunate to have two members apply to have their work featured on our walls. Today we are featuring one of those artists as we break down Erin’s creation located on the north wall of the Myriad Fitness building.

Join us in learning about the meaning behind the mural as well as how Erin developed a passion for art at a young age.

Myriad Murals Artist #2: Erin Crowther

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