2012 Reebok CrossFit Open WOD 12.1 is released tonight at 8pm EST.

  You can still sign up here. CLICK ME

  Today’s Workout Team Rowing Interval (Teams of 2-4) 1000M Cap Per partner 35 Min. AMMAP (As Many Meters As Possible) POST – Farmers Carry     This SATURDAY, February 25th – (and every Saturday for the next 5 weeks) We will be running normal class hours at 9:30am and 10:30am.  The class will be doing the Reebok Sectional Open WOD for that week.  THEN… We will be hosting Sectional Open Heats from 12pm-2pm. At this point in time we will have judges and volunteers helping to run various heats. The idea is to create a competitive atmosphere unlike that of a normal class. Competing against others will push you out of your comfort zone but most importantly it will teach you as an individual that the body is stronger than the mind. Come prepared and ready for an all out max effort. You know your body better than anyone else so if it takes a day of rest on Friday to be ready for Saturday, then do exactly that. We want everyone to score their best during the open but at the same time have fun! CrossFit is meant to be fun so do exactly that… Have Fun!!! Invite Friends, Family, and Other CrossFitters! WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Email me,, confirming that you will be a part of the Sectional Open Heats between Noon-2pm. Please do so by Wednesday evening. From there I will separate each individual into a time slot and you will know when you will be performing your WOD on Saturday so you can let friends and family know. Our hopes are create an open atmosphere during the workouts so people can cheer each other on. (If you are competing in the games and need to get your workout verified but cannot make it on a Saturday, please contact Peter or myself and we can try to work something out. Make Up days on Thursday or Sundays are options to making up the workout as well).  ]]>

11 thoughts on “TONIGHT is the NIGHT!”

  1. I am too excited to work knowing the workout will be posted!
    And rowing with my amazing team of Patrick and Mike was a nice way to sweat the sick out. It also reminded me of those early morning regattas that my mom would drag me to. I didn’t row at them, I watched the rowers while eating a coney. A Detroit coney that is. The best in the world.

    1. Here is my first attempt, just for you Liz:
      Today is the day
      1 WOD a week released each Wednesday completed by Sunday
      Five weeks from now and new PR’s will be set,
      Five weeks from now I will not have a single regret
      Today is the Day, I put the Coney away and focus on the new WORKOUT of the DAY.

      1. If only we could add mad beats to these rhymes!
        Nice job Peter. There is some room for rhythm improvement, but A+!
        Usage of the word “coney” was definitely worth a few bonus points!

  2. Jason was my partner today for the WOD and he did a great job! We finished with splits of: 2430, 4820 and 8305.

  3. OK, I signed up for the Open, not that I had a choice as the coaches pretty much gave me an ultimatum…. No I am looking forward to this fiasco to begin as I have for 3 years thought about it and have not done it. For all other CFNT members I never did because my 3 former CF that I was a member never pushed and were as upbeat about the efforts of the members as well their attention to training. So consider yourself lucky to be part of such a great box as they all can make great T-shirts and cool graphics for websites but it is the same as people. It is only what is inside that truly counts.
    Cheers to all competing in the games… Let’s get this party started!!
    Adam Lassetter

    1. It wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t. Good to hear you’re going to represent Crossfit Naptown!

  4. Jared and Peter, I notice you posting lots of videos made by other CrossFit boxes. When are the two of YOU going to start making some of your own? (and Martin and Moises, of course)

  5. Peter and I rowed together. We started at 750 Meters a piece and made our way up to 900 or so towards the end.
    9736 Meters in 35 Minutes
    10,000 is possible.