6 thoughts on “Ugly Sweater Day 2!”

  1. Worked up to 185# on Front Squats. Felt solid and could have done more given more reps.
    WOD: 8:31 as RX’ed
    Backward Jump rope: Up to 8 in a row. Apparently, I need to work on this!

  2. Coach Jared and Brandon C had their holiday cheer in full effect, but can anyone beat out Jarrett from last week?

  3. I did a modified version of today’s WOD. 21-15-9 Overhead Squat and Dead lifts at 135 and 225. Pretty great challenge, really fired up my lower back. My time was 9:30. I’m pretty excited to be sub 10, if I ever try this again my goal is sub 8:30.

  4. FS – worked up to 135 but returned to 115 with final 2 sets to focus on technique.
    WOD – 10:11 at 75lbs