“Imagine that every thought you have, every word you utter, every deed of yours brings some benefit to the world.” –Deepak Chopra

Weekly Focus: Sankalpa (solemn vow)

Sankalpa — san meaning “to become one with” and kalpa means “time” and “subconscious mind.” Sankalpa as a way to set an intention, to connect with your heart’s deepest desire. When we set sankalpa, we vow to honor an intention. How do we actively allow our sankalpa to emanate and flow forth from ourselves? Sankalpa acts as a mirror of our infinite connection to all that is greater than our Self.
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How often do we sit and truly listen to our inner desires? Sometimes they whisper through the mind, and we offer a passing glance, but do we always allow them the time to be considered? Sankalpa is a promise to the Self, a solemn vow or a deep intention. This is not a vow we make idly or without care, but something that has been deeply considered and thought over, something that connects to our infinite Self. Sankalpa is deep and positive, and promotes a transformation within the Self. So if you seek to create Sankalpa, here are a few items to consider:

  1. 1. What do you want to be connected to?
  2. 2. How do you wish to be remembered or spoken of?
  3. 3. Are there actions you may take to work towards this alignment?
  4. Sankalpa manifests change and with it, allows our most radiant Self to emanate. And while Sankalpa may have  large impact, it can start with small action. The following are ideas for are committed, small actions that could create rippling effects:
  5. 1. What would happen if we vowed to stop using plastic bags?
  6. 2. To read more books on experiences outside of our own?
  7. 3. To take time to pause before reacting?
Passive Pose of the Week: Anahatasana (Puppy Dog Pose)

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Let your heart melt and soften in this supported back bend, as you take time to listen to your deepest desire.

  • 1. Begin in a tabletop position, on hands and knees.
  • 2. Walk your hands further forward, slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • 3. Keeping your hips mostly over your knees, start to drop your chest towards the floor, as the arms relax down.
  • 4. Take several breaths here, feeling the expansion of the chest and ribs.

A lovely way to modify this pose is to bring a large bolster, cushion or pillow beneath the chest + belly. This will offer somewhere soft to land and bring the ground a little closer towards you, reducing the back bend. Try it out and see how it feels!

Active Pose of the Week: Vrkshasana (Tree Pose)

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Stand proud and true in your intention, allow your branches to grow and emanate your Self to the world in this balancing posture.

  • 1. Begin standing in mountain pose, with the feet about hips-width distance apart.
  • 2. Lift your right leg placing the sole of your right foot to the inside of your left leg.
  • 3. Allow the right knee to open wide like a book.
  • 4. Think about squeezing and pressing your right foot into your left leg, as the left leg pushes back into the foot. This will help stabilize the pose and lift you up.
  • 5. Focus your gaze on a non-moving point in front of you (your drishti) and see if you can hold for 7 – 10 breaths.

Remember, if balance feels tricky, you can always bring the lifted foot to press to your ankle, so that the toes still touch the ground. This will reduce your center of gravity, still offering a challenge for the balance, but give you more space to focus on holding upright and strong.

Join us in class this week to practice your Sankalpa!! See the schedule HERE.