10 thoughts on “WOD "X", come in to learn more.”

  1. Dang it! Wish I was there……I just love double unders……and I’m going to get the kipping pull up by the end of March…..another goal.

  2. 18:55, PR!
    King Kong (scaled).
    3rds; 1 deadlift (405), 2 muscle ups, 3 squat cleans (255), 4 hand stand push ups. Time 6:55.
    Amazing work done by everyone today

  3. 5K- 20:07
    King Kong- 12:27 265# DL, 165# SC
    My back is fried right now between Diane and the row, should have gone heavier for king kong but I was (and am!!!) really sore. LOL

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