Yoga next Wednesday must RSVP!

FREE YOGA next Wednesday March 21st at 7pm. You must RSVP we only have room for 8 people for this class.  Email to reserve your spot today!   Open WOD 12.4 comes out tonight at 8pm. Email if you are going to compete in an open heat on Saturday. Skill Pre WOD FUN: Tire flips Sled pushes with weight WOD 3 minutes to complete 400 m run AMRAP Back squat 45/33 1 min rest 3min to complete 400 M run AMRAP air squats 1min rest 3 min to complete 400 M run AMRAP weighted sit ups 15/10 1min rest 3 Min to complete 400 M run AMRAP sit ups ]]>

10 thoughts on “Yoga next Wednesday must RSVP!”

  1. Dropped in at Fit Club in Columbus, OH. Good 6am workout!
    WOD was the following
    7 rounds
    10 High Pulls 95#
    10 Burpees (yuck)
    And BTW i have a new Power Clean PR 175# it was #135 two weeks ago.

  2. Intro_ love a good tire flip
    WOD_142 reps. took a good breathing moment after each run when I should have jumped straight into reps. low mental strength moments where I could improve next time.

  3. 188 reps, love the nice weather.
    Everyone has had such great spirits! It is so fun to workout with the door open and get to be outside for part of the WOD’s. Keep working hard!