YOGA POSE + FOCUS 06.13 – 06.19

“You can only lose what you cling to.” – Buddha

Focus: Aparigraha // Non – attachment

Aparigraha is the last of the five yamas and translates as non-attachment.  There are so many ways in which we cling in our lives — we hold grudges, we get stuck in old narratives, we take more than we need from the earth, we over-indulge, we do not share ourselves with others. Is it possible to recognize where this gripping is stemming from so that we might begin to slowly let go? When we free ourselves of the desire to hoard and clench, we can find ways to be less possessive, opening up new paths for service. We might feel more willing to share our talents with the world, to share our wealth, knowledge, kindness. We also may find the ability to open ourselves to new stories and perspectives, realizing that its not all about the “I” and “my” perspective. We do have the ability to move past the ego with practice.

All Classes: Gomukhasana // Cow Face Pose

Cow Face Pose is a pose that may create a lot of tension and gripping for many of us. We are binding ourselves up, legs and arms, and if we take the fold we add another component of compression. The jaw might clench, we may hold the breath, clinging for dear life! What happens when we take a deep breath and just  let…..go. *huge sigh* 

It is good to remember that this pose will look a bit different for all anatomies. Some folx will stack one knee right over the other, while others may have some space between the legs. I can honestly say that having  your thighs touch will not bring you enlightenment, so don’t sweat it. If the hips feel tight, cushion your seat with a blanket folded up. If having both knees bent feels icky, keep the bottom leg straight. And if this shoelace position of the legs really doesn’t work for you – maybe just sit in a cross-legged seat and focus on the bind of the arms. Don’t forget that many of us may not find our hands touching behind out backs — this is an excellent place to grab hold of a strap! No strap available? Grab your shirt, a towel, or just touch your fingers to your back/base of the head and hold.

Release attachment  to the outcome of this pose. Only you can decide what feels appropriate for your body today.