Yoga Pose & Focus : 1/24-1/30

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Theme: Integrity
Living with integrity is to live in wholeness and honesty to the SELF. To uphold our values daily, is incredibly hard work. But we must remember, our WORD is PURE MAGIC. If we allow our values to drift away, our language and therefore our actions, become black magic. It is important that we constantly check-in – am I acting with integrity and honestly considering my values? Am I truly acting in wholeness with my essence? 

All Classes: Pranayama / Seated Meditation
Take a seat and get settled, it’s time to practice our integrity on the mat. How can we set up our sukhasana so that there is integrity in the spine and the shoulders without excessive strain. Sit with yourself in stillness to listen to what resonates true for you and be okay with what comes up.