Yoga Pose & Focus : 1/3-1/9

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” – Napoleon Hill

Theme: Desire & Intention
Desires and Intentions are the WHY of our actions. Once the water is clear, we have an unobstructed view of what WE desire for ourselves. Can we see what our true desires are despite the influence of our family, friends and society? We were brought up under a system of beliefs that may or may not hold true to ourselves; how do we desire to see ourselves, to treat ourselves? What beliefs do we keep, what do we let go of? These desires reciprocate intention behind our actions. If we desire to have self-respect, we can put the intent behind our thoughts and actions. 

Flow/Align Pose: Crescent Warrior
As we stand tall in this familiar pose, can we see above the impressions put upon us and find our truest desires? These desires drive our intentions, which fuel our actions. Be a beacon for yourself and find intention in your Warrior. Lift the spine tall and stand proud in the legs, rather than following the urge to dump into this pose.

Restorative Pose: Supported Savasana
We allow the body to rest in support so that we can let the dust settle around our thoughts and motivations. Don’t shy away from props – you can add as much as you would like to feel comfortable and safe, allowing room for spaciousness in the mind. Now that we have settled in, supported in knowing who we are, can we take a few moments to clearly see our desires and intentions?