YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 11.21 – 11.27

“You deserve the level of peace you give to others.” ― Kierra C.T. Banks

Weekly Focus: Reciprocity

We all have bad days, and we don’t wish to be judged or branded based on our worst moments. How can we expect others to respect our struggles if we do not offer the same extension first? We share grace, we share forgiveness and reserve judgement, surrendering to the unknown but trusting that everyone is just out here doing their best. What you put out into the world you receive in return. What do you wish to receive?

Align/Flow: Chandranamaskar // Moon Salutation

In essence, a moon salutation creates a circular or cyclical pattern on our mats. Start in center, we work our way to the front of the mat, then the middle, then the back, moving forward and then backwards. Reciprocity is a cyclical pattern. We put out into the world what we wish to receive — and while it may not be immediate, the reciprocation is almost a recycling of energy. Renewing and returning back to the Self. Allow this flow to help you find a sense of cycling through your energy. To try a Moon Salutation on your own, follow this sequence:

  • Start in the middle of your mat facing the long edge in Mountain Pose.
  • Inhale, stretch your arms overhead, and exhale side bend to your right. Inhale through center, and exhale side bend to your left.
  • Inhale step the feet about 3 feet apart (5-pointed star), exhale bend the knees for Goddess Squat.
  • Straighten both legs, turn your right toes to the top of the mat and inhale for Triangle Pose. Exhale to stay.
  • Inhale into Pyramid pose, folding over your right leg. Exhale to stay.
  • Inhale bend the right knee, place both hands inside of the feet for Lizard Lunge. Exhale to stay.
  • Left knee touches the ground for a low lunge, inhale arms reach overhead.
  • Staying low, exhale and turn towards your left, facing the long edge of the mat again, finding Skandasana.
  • Inhale walk your hands towards the left foot. Both feet step closer together for a Garland Pose (squat) in the center of the mat. Exhale to stay.
  • Reverse these poses to the back of the mat.
  • Inhale – Skandasana; Exhale – Low Lunge; Inhale – arms reach overheard; Exhale – Lizard Lunge, Inhale – Pyramid Pose; Exhale – stay; Inhale – Triangle Pose; Exhale – stay, Inhale – torso lifts; Exhale – Goddess Squat; Inhale – 5-Pointed Star; Exhale – Mountain Pose; Inhale – arms reach overhead; Exhale – side bend left; Inhale – center; Exhale – side bend right; Inhale – center, Exhale – hands to heart center.

Stretch/Restore: Modified Balasana // Child’s Pose

In Child’s Pose we bow and fold forward, offering ourselves, giving ourselves to others, surrendering to the whole. Child’s Pose is often offered as a “resting place,” but acknowledge if this doesn’t feel restful to you, that is normal and OK. In this modified variation, we extend one leg straight to the side. This provides a great opportunity to pulse from a tabletop position of the arms into our modified child’s pose, cycling with our breath. We may even find the space to take some hip circle or wrist circles as well, continuing a theme of circular patterns and reciprocity.