Yoga Pose + Focus : 2/21-2/27

“The price of greatness is responsibility.” – Winston Churchill

Theme: Accountability 
We hold ourselves accountable to speaking and acting responsibly, with integrity. We do not judge ourselves, but we constantly check back in. In turn, this sets an example for others to be accountable with themselves. Small example: If you claim to to value patience, try not to get fired up and irritated with the cashier at the grocery store when the checkout line is taking 20 min (maybe I have experienced this??). Sometimes we might fall into old habits, that is OK, just keep reminding yourself. If you are maintaining patience, but your friend or partner is fuming, you might remind them that it is not the end of the world if you have to wait a little longer. Again, we won’t get it every time, but we continue to put our our best effort forward. Say what you mean, mean what you say, DO what you say and mean. 

Flow/Align Classes: Vrikshasana
Tree Pose – the go-to representation of “yoga.” How often do we see this pose in a sunset commercial or on an Instagram cliff-side? Be accountable for your authentic practice and consider – why tree pose? This is a lovely pose to get rooted through the feet and find upward growth.  We do not compromise on our values – root into your values and move forward with accountability. Don’t feel pressure to move your foot further up the leg, if it knocks you off balance or compromises the position of the hips, it might not be worth it! 

Stretch/Restore Classes: Virasana
Hero’s Pose can be a very “love it” or “hate it” pose. If this pose is challenging for you to sustain, hold yourself accountable by allowing the use of props. A block underneath the sits-bone and between the ankle can help take tension off of the hips flexors and the knees. Feel freedom to adjust the height of your block accordingly – we are all different sizes and shapes. Be accountable for knowing your anatomy and your proportions more personally and modify where necessary. With the right setup, this pose can do wonderful work for our quads over time.