Yoga Pose + Focus : 3/14-3/20

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Theme: Bramacharya – Moderation
It feels good to be able to share our truth with others AND practice it in our daily lives. However, we must learn when to hold back, and when to dive in full force. How and when do we approach situations appropriately so that we maintain healthy relationships with ourselves and others? It can feel wonderful to share our honesty – but moderation is key. Once we find that balance, our formula for harmony begins to unfold. A tidal wave of harmony from within can cast spells on those around us, encouraging others to find their own formula as well.

Flow/Align Classes: Ardha Hanumanasana
Ardha Hanumanasana or Half splits is a great place to land before entering full splits. In reality, is it really necessary for any of us to get the full splits? I mean, not really! There are a few ways to change up this pose to “deepen” or change the stretch for us. Keeping our hip lined up over the knee give us space to focus on the hamstrings, and play around with pointing or flexing in the foot. Dropping our sits-bones to the earth might give more space to fold deeper. Wherever you go, be cognizant of the backs of the knees keeping slight activation in the quads and the glutes so that we don’t hyper extend! Moderation is key. 

Stretch/Restore Classes: Supta Gomukhasana
Gomukhasana, Supine cow face is another great way to moderate a challenging pose. Bringing it to our backs can take a lot of pressure off of the knees and hips. Still though, not every body can get into this position. Maybe it feels like a long distance to grab hold of our ankles/feet, we can utilize a strap to lengthen the arms ro be OK with grabbing higher up the shins. We also may not get a full cross of the legs – a great alternative is more of our figure 4 shape (think supine pigeon)!