Yoga Pose + Focus : 3/21-3/27

“The problem with introspection is that it has no end.” – Phillip K. Dick

Theme: Bramacharya – Repetition
Analyze the Self, know the Self, speak and act with impeccability in accordance to the Self, practice, go back to the beginning and self-reflect again – continue the ritual of Svadhyaya – and so on and so on. We must always check back in with ourSelves to be sure we haven’t strayed, or perhaps reevaluated our values. With time, this practice of repetition will create patterns, habits, routinesand rituals. Every time we practice acting in alignment with our path forward, it get’s a little bit easier, a little more clear. Eventually, it may even become second nature. 

Flow/Align Classes: Adho Mukha Svanasana
Is there any pose more repeated than Downward Facing Dog? I think not! It is such a habitual pose that it can actually be hard to avoid. That being said, as we practice repetition this week, how can we refine our habits and therefore refine our Down Dog? You may notice a tendency to always come into this pose the same way as you did last week, last month, last year. The challenge is to consider your habits and analyze your posture through repetition. Repetition allows us to create patterns and stability, and through stability we can find the space to push our boundaries and expressions. Worry less about how your down dog looks and more how it feels in your body. 

Stretch/Restore Classes: Balasana
OK, so maybe we take Child’s Pose just as much as Down Dog. Who’s to say? Either way, keep the same intention around repetition and creating/refining habits here. This pose is often cited as a rest pose – but if you have noticed that it is not restful or comfortable for you, analyze your habits and modify where necessary. A block or blanket under the hips is an excellent and quick way to accommodate your body. Consider your arms as well – you may habitually reach forward, but it can be very restorative to allow our hands to fall back alongside the legs as well.