Yoga Pose + Focus : 3/28-4/3

“We do not see things as they are, we see things as WE are.” – Anais Nin

Theme: Citta – Wholeness
Citta – all that is perceived and all that can be perceived – consciousness. From the unreal to the real – when we have completed the process we can be at ease in life, having returned to our essence. The journey has been long, but now we may notice a shift in our thoughts, our ability to be as we are, to be whole. No longer contaminated by outside influence, we can really hone in on making every action count. Clarity, authenticity, contentment, harmony, supported by the repetition of our practice. Yoga-citta-vritti-nirodaha – yoga makes all misconceptions and distractions of thoughts disappear (Patanjali, Yoga Sutras)

Flow/Align Classes: Ustrasana
This week we focus on opening our hearts to all that is, all that we can perceive. Camel pose is a great big heart opener and full upper back bend. Key phrase “upper back” bend. There are so many modifications that we can try to keep our low back from over-extending and causing pain. How can you find your edge without stepping off the cliff? Maybe you keep your hands at the low back to support you, or perhaps you pre-set blocks between the feet to catch your hands. The blocks can be a wonderful place to grow from – steadily dropping the level as we begin to find the strength to open up. Do not underestimate the necessity for core engagement, pulling in the belly will offer the support necessary to protect the back. 

Stretch/Restore Classes: Makarasana
Crocodile is a lovely counter to our active posture for the week. It may look like a simple lie-down on your belly, but there is more happening here than you think. Taking the feet a little wider, we can turn our toes outwards if it is accessible to get a bit of rotation in the legs (propping the feet with the blanket is a great assist here!) The forehead rests on either stacked hands OR stacked forearms, depending on the lift you would like in the chest. Take a moment in this pose to connect to your body and breath and dial your focus inwards.