Yoga Pose + Focus : 4/11-4/17

“We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.” – Albus Dumbledore

Theme: Discernment
The ability to avoid taking things personally takes much discernment from within ourselves. Knowing that “it’s not about me” is easier said than done – but it’s true, energy that we feel or take in from other humans (frustration, anger, sadness) is often not a reflection of their feelings towards us rather it is a reflection of themselves and what they are working through. What is it inside of us that flips the script and makes it about us? Past experiences create impressions on us which inform our thoughts – but these impressions are not always a true perception of what is happening in the present moment. Can we discern between reality and the influence of our own self-reflection? Ask yourself – what is it that makes me think this issue, statement, action etc is a reflection on me? 

Align/Flow Classes: Parivrtta hasta padanghustasana
To practice discernment, it can help to wring out and push away the information that is creating a blockage or a hindrance to our focus. Twists are an excellent way to squeeze out the excess. Dancing Shiva has so many wonderful adaptations. It’s not really about how high we can lift our leg, or whether we can grab out foot with our hand – can we stay grounded as we twist and sift through this posture? Straps can be a useful aid if binding the knee or the foot feels restrictive. Remember to keep your gaze slow and steady as you bring the twist upward, allowing the eyes to be the last piece of the puzzle. 

Restorative Classes: Cat’s Tail Pose
We focus on clearing out to have a more clear path of discernment with our deep twists this week. Cat’s Tail Pose asks us to reach and expand, grabbing hold of our feet while in a reclined twist, oh, and did I mention one leg extends? What the what? We don’t all need to get there, and that is OK. Again, straps here to help connect hand to feet make a lot of sense. We can also reach for only one foot, perhaps bend both knees, or honestly, live your best life in a regular supine twist. What makes sense for your body today?t piece of the puzzle.