Yoga Pose + Focus : 4/25-5/1

“Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves obscure our truths.” – Ken Liu

Theme: Empathy
As foreshadowed last week, even as we see that we are all in union with one another, we must have the ability to recognize that we have not all traveled the same distance in our personal journeys. I may not be at the same juncture as you, you may have had unforeseen road blocks that I have not experienced. Here is where our empathy comes into play – the opportunity to relate to experiences outside your own. Empathy is frequently slated as a super power – and while it is an amazing skill, we should try not to inflate the ego by over-identifying as an empath. We work hard to find empathy and relate to others, AND, we recognize that we still may not know fully what they are experiencing. It is a danger to impress our perceptions onto others – don’t take it personally and don’t make it personal!

Align/Flow Classes: Bakasana
We come to crow pose so often as the arm balance of choice. We work on it and work on it, for some of us it feels natural and powerful, and for others it is a struggle, a point of frustration. No matter where you are at, there is no denying that this. pose. takes. work. And focus. And practice. As we work to relate to others and find our empathy, allow yourself to be open to the true experiences you are having with crow pose. Be OK with not being “great” at this pose, be OK with this pose feeling different than it did last week, be OK with not looking like the other humans in the room. We cannot muscle our way through life, we must read the emotions and experiences of others, just as we cannot muscle our way into crow. Blocks under the feet are a great addition to help you feel and connect with this pose even more, even if you can take it without. Can you have a closer relationship with your body in crow if you incorporate blocks? Try it both ways and see what happens!

Restorative Classes: Ananda Balasana
We often start or end a class with Happy Baby Pose, which can be a great time to pause and reflect on our relation to the experiences of others. We store so much information in our hips – physical, mental and emotional. What are you releasing here? When we grip and hold onto our personal feelings and thoughts, does it inhibit our ability to empathize with our peers? Let go and soften into your happy baby this week. Make space in the body and in your heart to be more open.