Yoga Pose & Focus : 5/10-5/16

“wishing you a heart open enough to stay curious, strong enough to face pain and brave enough to feel joy.” strong back, soft front, wild heart – brene brown

This week we are studying anahata – the heart chakra

It’s easy to think of our heart on the front of the body, but chakra means wheel so when we consider this center we want to pivot our consideration to the full band of the chest and upper back. The heart chakra is our center of unconditional love and Universal love. What love always lays us bear to is vulnerability, so it’s also the reminder to build strength within ourselves so we can love without causing harm to our own hearts.

Join us this week as we practice upward facing dog in flow classes and supported twists in yin/ restorative classes in order to open up and strengthen this center.

Taurus season is embodied by energies like love and sensuality but also money and investment. It’s a great reminder that love flows two ways and our worthiness is not just what we give, but what we are willing to take. Finding balance in the giving and receiving, loving and being loved is the greatest balance to seek 🙂