Yoga Pose & Focus : 5/17-5/22

“Enough is abundance to the wise.” – Euripides

Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity and abundance, and our focus this week. Lakshmi is a goddess worshipped by millions and has countless beautiful stories and myths associated with her. We invite you to study her form this week and offer up gratitude for our already countless blessings, as well as put in a good word for abundance to come…

Flow Classes – Revolved Side Angle, Restorative Classes – Neck Stretches

As we twist, such as in our flow pose of the week- revolved side angle- we strengthen one side while stretching the other. It’s important as we ask for abundance that we also acknowledge what abundance we already have in spades, our twists can help us balance both sides of the coin. Need to readjust your perspective on abundance? Tip your head from side to side in our yin/ restorative classes with some neck stretches!