Yoga Pose + Focus : 5/2-5/8

“We know what we are, but we know not what we may be.” – William Shakespeare

Theme: Asmita – Ego
Asmita, or false-identification is the second of the five kleshas. When we falsely identify with the outward perceptions of the body, we attach ourselves to emotions and ideas that do not represent who we truly are. This can be problematic when we engage with the world around us. These perceptions cloud our vision, sending a fog over the narratives and stories that are being told. When we attach to the ego, it is all too easy to assume that other humans are concerned with our outward identity as well, making it easy to take things personally. In reality, we are all just battling our own personal conflicts. If we move from a place of selflessness, we might see beyond ourselves, taking in the bigger picture and realizing, it’s not about me.

Align/Flow Classes: Pincha Mayurasana
Peacock is a challenging pose to say the least – physically and mentally. As we focus on asmita – the ego, there is value in knowing when a pose is or is-not worth attempting. However, there is always value in the journey. We can work to build towards this pose – strengthening our resolve to follow our body’s intuition rather than our ego’s desires. Holding dolphin pose is a great way to build strength and mobility for peacock. If we feel ready to lift off, we can always take peacock near a wall, creating a boundary for the legs. Wherever you are, remember to push down with the arms to lift up with the spine and legs. Keep your legs strong to feel lighter! And don’t forget that the ego can go both ways – if you doubt your abilities, maybe reconsider what that may be rooted in. We are so much more than our physical bodies!

Restorative Classes: Anahatasana 
Mmmmm, puppy dog pose. Get ready to sink your heart down and let your body melt into the earth. Oh wait, does that not sound great? Don’t worry! We have props to help! A really soothing version of puppy dog is to place a big pillow or bolster under the head/chest/belly, decreasing the angle of the spine. Adding a blanket under the knees also creates cushion and support. Don’t let your ego muddle what your physical sensations are telling you. If you want to get cozy here with lots of props, that doesn’t make it easier, that just makes it, well, cozier! Tell your ego to take a hike while you open your heart to all that you are.