Yoga Pose & Focus : 5/24-5/29

“When our senses are offered to the Goddess and our thoughts are directed to the Divine, our life becomes sweet and fragrant.”

Continuing with the goddess theme from last week, this week we shift into Gemini and celebrate the goddess Lalita. Lalita is the playful goddess who lassos us towards our spiritual path. Emobdying the energy of lalita is to playfully engage with our spirituality. Gemini, similarily is a playful sign. Some words that we can associate with this time are chatty, social and a time of transformation. How can you playfully engage with your life and your path this week?

A beautiful pose to embody the story and energy of Lalita is sugar cane bow pose. Come lasso your leg and open your heart in a playful way with this pose in our flow classes! Looking for more release? Enjoy half dragonfly (a great shoulder opener for all that lasso’ing!) in our yin and restorative classes this week.