Yoga Pose & Focus : 5/3-5/9

This week’s focus is sukha and sthira – or ease and stability.

From Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra there is only 1 sutra out of 196 that tells you how to perform yoga postures and that is with  ease and stability (2.46 for reference). This is a wonderful analogy for our lives, but is specifically cited on how to do yoga poses. Can you find the middle in your poses (and your life) where you are both stable and ease filled? We can translate sukha to be ‘good space’ and sthira to be stability or strength… how do we arrive in the center of those two? Come to class to find out!

flow- anatanasana (Vishnu’s couch pose) and yin/restorative- sukhasana

Both poses are the perfect embodiment of this sutra. To find stability and ease while balancing on your side or sitting upright seem simple enough but are actually quite complex. Too much good space of sukha might result in you slumping or losing the position. Too much sthira or stability/ strength might result in too much rigidity. Finding the middle is the task