Yoga Pose + Focus : 5/9-5/15

“Intuition is the whisper of the soul.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

Theme: Intuition
Intuition is a deep and often confused concept. It is not reactive or instinctual, based on past habits. Rather, intuition is a more spontaneous and almost nagging notion. Like a magnetic pull towards a certain direction, not formed from desire or emotion, but innate knowing. It can take many moons to hone in on our intuition, and we will often get it confused. Perhaps if we slow down and give ourselves enough pause to really observe what is happening around us, with others, we will be less reactive. Quick reactions often cause us to take things personally, inevitably causing harm. Consider before you react, and the seer might see something greater than yourself. 

Align/Flow Classes: Standing Figure 4
Our hips store a lot of information, including emotions! It can be easy to confuse our emotions with our intuition, letting them steer our thoughts for us. Pay attention to what is released in this big hip opener this week. Are store emotions trickling out, muddling our thought patterns? Allow your body’s intuition to guide you through this balance. This balance can go several different directions, from a more upright stance to a fold, to an arm balance. What is your body calling for? Try to experience this pose through the intuition of the body. You might even try balancing with your eyes closed, using the guidance of the body to keep you stable, using focused listening rather than visual information. 

Restorative Classes: Supine pigeon
figure four just flipped around on your back. We love supine pigeon as a more restorative option for pigeon pose. Not only is this pose more restful, but it allows more space for those of us whose anatomy may not allow for deep hip stretches. Pigeon on our back is an excellent modification if you experience knee pain in pigeon, stiffness, or general discomfort. One lovely option is to take supine pigeon facing a wall, using the wall as leverage to push your foot into and gain a little traction. Try it out! From there you can release up into legs up the wall and let the body settle. Take a moment of quiet and tune in to your innate deep knowing, your intuition. See if you can find what you already know. Follow your intuition to protect the knees and pay attention, who knows what deeply-rooted feelings your hips may release.