Yoga Pose & Focus : 7/5-7/11

In the midst of the blazing summer, seek compassion and as Otis Redding would suggest “try a little tenderness!”. As we are in the throws of Cancer season, that maternal crab, it’s time to consider the virtue of compassion. Daya, this week’s focus, is the Sikh version of compassion. This is a word that we will see over and over again in yoga lineage from many angles, but the message is always the same- in order to truly  become enlightened we must suffer with ourselves and one another.

Like a loving mother, have compassion for the experience of yourself and those around you- whatever it is. For example, as you come into this week’s flow pose- dolphin- have compassion for your shoulders. Or have compassion for your precious hips when you come into our stretch and restore classes with our pose baddha konasana. Use your time on your mat to learn the lessons you can then apply off the mat and into the world. 
Especially in the punishing summer heat, have compassion for your body- stay hydrated, take a nap, do less :), enjoy the summer while it’s here!