Yoga Pose & Focus : 8/23-8/29

“Intelligence essentially means that your intellect is sharp enough to see life the way it is.”
– Jaggi Vasudev

Theme: Budha
Not to be confused with Buddha, Budha is the god of Mercury and is representative of all things efficient and sharp witted. A very poignant theme as we transition into Virgo season! Examine where you can use your unique intellect to up the efficiency and precision this week.

Flow Pose: Marichyasana C
This big ole’ twist invites you to ask yourself the question “even if I can twist myself in half, do I need to?” Poses don’t have to be intense to be effective! Can you play with the line of efficiency and self-care on your mat this week?

Restorative/Yin Pose: Balasana
Prop yourself up and REST! Especially in the peak of summer, it’s nap season babes! Nothing says enlightenment Oh child’s pose…how we love it and hate it. This pose is a fantastic way to take a breather and lengthen your low back, but might ask a lot of your knees and ankles. Feel free to grab extra props (blankets, blocks, etc) this week to help make child’s pose the blissful posture it’s meant to be!