YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 9/19 – 9/25

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
–John Steinbeck

Weekly Focus: Yin – Yang // Polarities (balance in opposition)

In Eastern thought, yin and yang are the two complementary forces that make up all aspects and phenomena of life.

Yin // earth, femaleness, darkness, passivity, absorption
Yang // heaven, maleness, light, activity, penetration

The Fall Equinox (Sep 23) is a time to remind ourselves of the balance in life as the days begin to shift toward darkness. Yin/Yang remind us of the interconnectedness of opposite forces. For every quality there is a reverse, and these polarities interweave together to help us find more balance.

All Classes: Malasana Variations // Garland Pose (yogi squat, squat hold)

A squat position can provide a tangible place to recognize balance and polarities. To sustain a squat we must find an equilibrium between strength and stretch. This is a position that can increase both our strength and our mobility at the same time, very well. One without the other does is not beneficial in most variations of this pose.

The difficulty of this pose for most body types will be getting the hips low while also keep the heart open and lifted. To work on this position, practicing a low squat with several blocks beneath you to support your seat wil let you work on both parts. Over time, allowing our hips to stay low and passive will aid in mobility if held for several minutes. Reducing the strength needed in our legs, we can focus on lifting the heart by engaging the core, and opening our knees by engaging our hips. Take several rounds to press and lift, then release. Repeat with your breath.