Yoga Pose & Focus : 9/27-10/2

“Yin and yang, male and female, strong and weak, rigid and tender, heaven and earth, light and darkness, thunder and lightning, cold and warmth, good and evil…the interplay of opposite principles constitutes the universe.” – Confucious

Theme: Yin & Yang
Yin & Yang represent represent the contradictory and inseparable opposites of the world. This principle ties back to Chinese philosophy and is the mechanisms of a balanced universe. There is no darkness without light, no beauty without ugliness, no good without bad. It requires both sides of the coin to cultivate balance. 

Flow Pose: Paschimottanasana 
Join us in visiting a classic pose this week and finding new sensations along the way.

Restorative/Yin Pose: Reclined Twist (Jathara w/ bent knees)
We work a reclined twist very often in the yoga space – take time this week to get into a more restful version of this pose and try some fun variations for a new experience in this classic posture.