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“The Stutz” Update 2023

This is part #1 of an ongoing series of blog posts to keep our staff, members, and community “in the know” on what is happening with Myriad’s impending move into The Stutz.  It is happening! The journey to this point has been, let’s just say “challenging.” 

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YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 01.30 – 02.05

“The only prudence in life is concentration.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson Weekly Focus: Dharana (focused concentration) Winter is a perfect time to work on and practice the art of meditation. This is a natural time of quiet which may lead us towards an inclination to deep

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🌟 Say hello to Leslie! Leslie has been a coach now for 10 years — a very experienced lady in the world of coaching. She loves to see individuals achieve new skills or reach a goal, ultimately the joy of helping people discover that they

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You may be hearing a lot of chatter about the CrossFit Open + the Intramural Open. But what the heck even is it? Check out the video below where Coaches Jared + Anna give you a run-down of what to expect! After watching this fabulous

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YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 01.23 – 01.29

“Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.” –Francis Bacon Weekly Focus: Pratyahara (Sensory Control) Winter invites us to embrace the quiet + the darkness through retreat + deep rest. Can we resist the urge to distract the mind with excess? Rather than diverting from the

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YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 01.16 – 01.22

“To realize the Self is to be still.” –Ramana Maharshi Weekly Focus: Pranayama (breath control) Winter brings a sense of stillness — the surface feels quiet, though natural processes of growth happen deep beneath. We might form a connection to this calm through pranayama. Pranayama

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Coach Highlight: Meet Kristina

Meet Kristina! Kristina has been coaching CrossFit now for a year + a half. Kristina loves to coach as she has the opportunity to help people see their potential + be part of a connected community! Kristina recognizes that CrossFit can be a tool to

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YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 01.09 – 01.15

”Self-reflection is the school of wisdom.” – Baltasar Gracian Weekly Focus: Svadhyaya (self-study) Svadhyaya, “one’s own reading” or self study — the act of turning inward + analyzing the Self. Who are we? What do we value? What do we hold to be true? As

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YOGA POSE + FOCUS: 01.02 – 01.08

Quarter 1 Theme: Winter Winter is a time of calm + quiet. A reminder to make space for self-reflection + consideration. We hibernate in the womb of the earth, nurturing + refining, not only the Self, but also our deep + intimate relationships. Forming meaningful

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Meet Myriad’s own Marvelous Meg (alliteration!!)! Meg has been a coach now for about six years. Her favorite thing about coaching is when she gets to witness athletes having that “lightbulb” moment! That sweet spot when the movements all come together for them! Meg says,

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