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SWIFT Programming Preview : 5/24-5/29

Monday:getting our week started with an alternating EMOM with heavy swings and presses for strength work to get you moving. Our workout will be an interval piece with your jump rope and some pushing work. Tuesday:after shorter intervals on Monday, we will be diving into

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S&F Programming Preview : 5/24-5/29

Monday:we will be kicking off the week with a bit of core and shoulder prep for the day ahead. Your first working piece will be a one rep max test on some pulling before diving into a benchmark workout to close out the day. Tuesday:after

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SWIFT Programming Preview : 5/17-5/22

Monday:getting our week started with a pair of alternating EMOMs. Each will have a minute with a set amount of work with the intention of giving you rest before the following minute is full of max reps for a score for the day! One will

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S&F Programming Preview : 5/17-5/22

Monday:getting our work week started with accessory work for your posterior chain, core, and pulling prep. This will build into your workout for the day – a triplet of heavy pulling on the barbell, pull ups on the rig, and box jumps. You will have

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Yoga Pose & Focus : 5/17-5/22

“Enough is abundance to the wise.” – Euripides Focus:Lakshmi is the goddess of prosperity and abundance, and our focus this week. Lakshmi is a goddess worshipped by millions and has countless beautiful stories and myths associated with her. We invite you to study her form

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Yoga Pose & Focus : 5/10-5/16

“wishing you a heart open enough to stay curious, strong enough to face pain and brave enough to feel joy.” strong back, soft front, wild heart – brene brown Focus:This week we are studying anahata – the heart chakra It’s easy to think of our

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S&F Weekly Programming Preview : 5/10-5/15

Monday:getting our week started with unilateral lungeing and press work. Your day will finish with a lot of Murph prep full of running and bodyweight work in an interval fashion. Tuesday:working with the barbell to start the day, getting some technique work in the snatch

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SWIFT Programming Preview : 5/10-5/15

Monday:4 movements and a descending rep scheme will start off our week. Lots of biking and a little jumping to build some confidence on double unders! Tuesday:A classic conditioning format for Tuesday. Timed intervals with rowing and burpees. You pick how many burpees, but stick

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Yoga Pose & Focus : 5/3-5/9

Focus:This week’s focus is sukha and sthira – or ease and stability. From Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra there is only 1 sutra out of 196 that tells you how to perform yoga postures and that is with  ease and stability (2.46 for reference). This is a

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SWIFT Weekly Programming Preview : 5/3-5/8

Monday:A nice mix of movements to start off the week. The reps are going up and the clock is ticking down! Tuesday:Exploring some different intensities on the bike today. When it is time for the workout, you can choose what works best for you-and your

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