Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 8/30-9/4

getting the week started with a nice combination of skills. You will start and end the day with a long run with a spicy little couplet as the center piece of your workout. Enjoy a nice rest after the first run and before the last to help up your intensity throughout.

working into a pair of shorter AMRAPs today in an ascending ladder format. The first one will pair pushing work with a DB movement while the second will pair a core movement with another pushing movement in a different plane.

getting into the day with some unilateral accessory work for the hips and midline before switching gears for your workout. The workout portion of the day will be a nice triplet with jump roping, squats, and cardio for a nice sweat session.

a TABATA piece is on tap for the first part of our Thursday fitness. We will have a little alternating interval work with two cardio movements for a spicy test of your ability to move fast and recover quickly. We will enjoy a little rest after the first test of the day before jumping into a little time trial on the rower to close out the day!

closing out the work week with a longer test full of carries, swings, and jumps for a mentally challenging grind to finish out our week of fitness.

getting into the weekend with a long AMRAP featuring core work, a slam ball, and DB work with some cardio thrown in every few minutes to break things up!

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