Bootcamp Weekly Preview : 9/6-9/12

celebrating the holiday weekend with a nice and sweaty MOVE workout!

after a longer workout on Monday, we will be easing into a few shorter pieces today. You will have some posterior chain accessory work to get things started before diving into a time trial test on the rower. The last bit of the day will be a for quality piece full of upper body accessory work to close things out!

lots of core work and unilateral shoulder movements will be a part of your Wednesday AMRAP. Be ready to run today each round to break up your time inside spent with a DB.

working with a partner today in an “I go, you go” fashion. Consider this like an interval piece with your own personal cheer section during your rest portions! You and your partner will be working through a series of slam ball movements in a mini chipper type format.

getting into some accessory work to get things moving for the last day of the work week. We will be carrying, getting upside down, and working on unilateral strength. Our workout will be a nice lower body triplet full of hip extension, lateral movement, and power generation.

working into a longer piece today full of longer cardio stretches with higher reps on some bodyweight movements between the cardio work.

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