Bracket Buster WOD 1 and 3 released!

WOD 3 2 rounds ladies first through; then guys go, then ladies again, then guys again, well watch the video for a better description. 20 Partner Dead Lifts (ladies 205, Men 295) 30 “Show me your hands” push ups Fundamentals tonight will be squat clean and jerk. Fun Day of Core work: most of this will not make sense to you unless you make it in today.

Today’s Workout:

Flat Sit ups 1×75 hold feet Jacks 1×15 Shins 1×15 Elbow knees 1×15 Chins 1×10 Super set: jacks 14 shins 14 shins 14 chins 4 Romans 200 Lock up 10 Push Ups 1×20 1×3 clap 1×1 behind back knees to elbow 2×8 toes to bar 2×8 pull ups 2×8 chin ups 2×8 bent knee crunch 2×7 wall crunch 2×8 Mountain Climbers: inside 1×10 outside 1×10 flyers short 1×10 long 1×10 burpees 2×10 superman 2x 12 sec count push ups 2×10 slow count push up with a bounch 2×5 russians 10sec count star jumps 1×12 screamers with a bounch 1×12 balerina 4 count 1×12 screamers 1×12 heel toe 1×8 super set x2 climbers 6 narrow and wide flyers 6 narrow and wide screamers bounch 2×8 start jumps 2×8 jump rope if time left 2 min on with 30 sec rest]]>

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