Bring a Hat and Gloves – BUT we're not Running?!?!?

AGILITY LADDER Death by Regular Pushup / Handstand Pushup Do the number of reps as corresponds with the time. 1 Rep of Regular Pushup / Handstand Pushup – 1st Minute 2 Reps of Regular Pushup / Handstand Pushup- 2nd Minute 3 Reps of Regular Pushup / Handstand Pushup- 3rd minute… PROWLER? AKA the Butcher


Compete anytime between December 15th to 19th Not only will you earn that holiday cake but we will have prizes from sponsors too. The workout(s) will be announced on December 15th. You will have until 6pm the 19th to post your scores. Format : Compete anywhere, against everyone… this is a VIRTUAL event 3-part WOD (THEMES: Christmas, Hannukkah and New Year) Each part is scored separately and the overall winner has the lowest score of all 3 parts Cash prizes (RX only) awarded for overall winners Video submission required for winners Who: Individual athletes – open to everyone (cash & prizes) Scaling is allowed – not eligible for cash prizes Where and When: Affiliate gyms worldwide. Compete anywhere and post your results! Get the WOD 9am PST December 15th and POST YOUR RESULTS by 5pm PST December 19th Makes a great WOD for the entire affiliate gym’s programming on that weekend Cost: $7 / individual participant  


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