Meet Jeremiah! Jeremiah has been coaching for two years while also teaching yoga for six years! Jeremiah loves sharing movement with others, whether it be yoga, CrossFit, or Bootcamp. He enjoys facilitating an experience that allows people to show up for themselves. While working out on his own, Jeremiah loves wall balls. As he says, “It may not be a popular opinion but I like squatting movements in general” (yes, some of us may not agree 😬). As far as yoga goes, Jeremiah enjoys agnistambhasana (fire-log pose). It’s a fantastic release for the hips + leaves me feeling great afterwards. You can often catch Jeremiah biking to + from Myriad. He enjoys biking around and often commutes to his day job via bike. He also enjoys riding on the Pennsy + Monon trails. Jeremiah is also a big reader, enjoying fantasy + science fiction. He doesn’t spend as much time as he’d like doing it but, he enjoys playing Stardew Valley or Skyrim on the switch. Other fun notes about Jeremiah, he has two cats (Sookie & Baxter) and a dog (Ares). A man of many talents, he enjoys crocheting + knitting as ways to relax and also as activities that invite him to be present. Join Jeremiah for Bootcamp or Yoga! Whether you need to get some energy or wind down, he is there to help.

Learn more about Jeremiah in his 73 Questions with Jared!

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