17.5 Intramural Recap and Final Results


17.6 is….

freaking epic. I had such a fun time coming up with this workout and even more fun watching you guys take it on. Thank you for participating in the shenanigans and taking it super seriously despite the volume of donuts and beer that had to be consumed during the event, you are crazy competitive. For anyone who missed it, here is the full workout: Partner 1: hold top of a pull upend continue holding while partner 2 feeds you a donut and proceed to eat the donut Partner 2: run to the other side of the gym and perform 10 “dizzy bat” spins on a foam roller then drink a beer and tag partners 3 and 4 Partner 3: get wheelbarrowed across the gym (by partner 4) where a donut will be waiting on the floor for you to eat while still in the wheelbarrow (on a plate of course). Then jump on partner 4’s back Partner 4: buddy carry partner 3 back across the gym and drink a beer, tag partner 5 Partner 5: crab walk while holding a foam roller on your hips across the gym and jump on partner 6 who is hanging from the rig Partner 6: hang from the rig holding partner 5 while eating a donut, when donut is done tag partners 7 and 8 Partner 7 and 8: perform 10 calories on the assault bike with one partner on the seat using his or her legs while the other partner stands on the pegs and operates the handles. When 10 calories are done, drink a beer and head with your team to the giant jump rope Whole Team: complete 20 jumps with 5 people in the rope and 2 people spinning the handles img_0598  

img_0600 photos by the amazing Kylie Justus


1st Place: Drunkin’ Donuts 438 Points 2nd Place: Sour Snatch Kids 381 Points 3rd Place: Three Legged Down Doggers 363 Points 4th Place:  NapTown School of Liftcraft and Wizardry 187 Points 5th Place: Tropic Like it’s Hot 186 Points]]>