Congrats to Jamie M-July member of the month

Jamie Manuel

Age: 26 Member Since: March 2012 Favorite CrossFit Movement or WOD: Love any WOD with a box jump or pull up! Least Favorite CrossFit Movement or WOD: Let’s just say that “Dianne” and I aren’t friends. And wall balls also are not invited to my birthday. Hometown: Pekin, Illinois Occupation: Sales Representative with Lilly USA Favorite Sports Team(s): Colts, Fighting Illini, Ball State Cards! Favorite Restaurant/Bar Downtown: Restaurant: Black Market; Bar: Forty-Five Degrees Hobbies: CrossFit. Traveling. Bacon. Favorite Quote: “I wish you could achieve something great, a good for humankind, and have nobody know about it except you….I wish you a magnificent obsession that gives you reason for living and a purpose and direction in life. [And] I wish you the worst kind of criticism for everything you do, because that will make you fight beyond what you normally would.” –Earl Reum 3 Month Fitness Goal(s): One strict muscle up; deadlift 350 lbs; back squat 275 lbs 6 Month Fitness Goal(s): Rx 100% of WODs. One Year Fitness Goal(s): Compete in at least one CrossFit competition.

Today’s Workout:

Strength: OHS 5×3 around 50-60% (of 1rm back squat) WOD: Lunge 25 yds 45/25# plate overhead Run 50 yds AMRAP 8:00 rest 2:00 then row 500 Post: hand chin over rings or bar accumulate 60-90 seconds]]>

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