CrossFit Total

Compare Your CF Total from November 21st, 2011

CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep Shoulder Press, 1 rep Deadlift, 1 rep

Rules: After warming up you have the entire class to work through each lift (in order, starting with back squat).  Read the CF Journal article to get a better understanding of the CF Total.

Note:  We will not allow you to go up in weight if technique is not correct.  There is no reason to lift heavy with improper technique.  If you can lift 500lbs on a deadlift but your back is rounded… there is no benefit to the lift.  Just more probability for injury!  Back off on the weight and work through proper technique.

CrossFit Total Journal Article – Please Read

Here’s an old school video to get you pumped for the CFT today… (Eric G. this is for you!)

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Saturday- AM CLASSES ARE CANCELLED (sign up for CF for Hope heat)

Pride Parade at 10am CrossFit For Hope – Please email Coach Jared: to sign up for a heat. CrossFit For Hope Heats: 12:00pm 12:20pm 12:40pm 1:00pm 1:20pm 1:40pm 2:00pm

Indianapolis Indians Game @ 7pm – Talk to Coach Martin or email him at Must purchase ticket by Thursday evening. $12 Each for tickets.  You can also sign up and pay Coach Peter or Jared if you plan on attending. 


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