CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 5/22-5/28

Monday: we will start the week off with some glute activation to lead into the strength work for the day. You will take on a fast and furious couplet to finish your day off and get the week started right. Tuesday: getting our muscle up skill work in today this week, alternating between activation through the lats and building strength in our dip. We will be taking on a main site workout to finish the day off with a sweat sesh. Wednesday: for the rest of the week, our programming will be helping to taper you off a little bit towards attacking Murph on Saturday. Today will include some focused mobility before a tournament of assault bike battles. You will end the day off with assault bike sprints with big rest intervals to keep the intensity high. Thursday: starting off with handstand and pressing skill work to begin the day. Your workout today will consist of some tabata action for three different movements. Friday: with Murph tomorrow, we are going to spend a long time warming up and colliding down today around your workout. If you are not parting in Murph, no worries! You will still get a great workout in the form of a 15:00 AMRAP triplet. Saturday: Time for Murph! Stay hydrated before, during, and after the workout. Remember that classes at Delaware are slightly shifted to accommodate the longer workout. Have a fun and fit week!]]>

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